Reach has been promoting a holistic and synergistic approach to health for over 20 years. We do not claim to have a monopoly on this philosophical point of view. Our claim is that the information that we seek for resolution, improvement and healing is readily available if we would just stop and listen more and seek co-operation over competition.  There is far too much ‘my knowledge is better than your knowledge’, ‘my perspective is more valuable than your perspective’. If we would make our egos smaller and our ears bigger we would see the folly in this short-sighted approach.


History has been kindly reciting to us what we need to do.  It has repeatedly illuminated our mistakes and encouraged us to do the ‘right thing’ and yet we persist in ignoring its generous gestures and wisdom.  Our site is a small attempt to tell the story of holism, synergy and integration. It’s vital that you know that by fixing symptoms, the problem remains.  It’s only when you deal with root causes that lasting solutions are found.  This takes time and patience but it promises certainty, the certainty of health and well-being.


If what you’re looking for are things that really work, then the more you can go back to Nature’s template, the better the results.  In this section of the site we will be promoting those things we know from our clinical experience and reserach actually work.  We will only feature here those things we have thoroughly investigated and are therefore happy to recommend and use ourselves.  The products featured here are of the highest quality and their efficacy has been proven over a long period of time… and in most cases they are reasonably priced.  We would encourage you to take a closer look for yourselves at these products as there is plenty of evidence/research available for the enquiring mind and those who still need to be persuaded that nature generally does it best! With each product you can click the relevant links and find out more information should you wish to. Happy hunting….