For far too long I have been defined by what I think the world expects and demands of me…. I’ve done my very best to fit in, in order that I might be liked and loved…. This need to be loved, to belong, is so strong that I have literally given everything away of myself, just so I find a place…. A place where I can lay my head, a place where I can find affirmation and reassurance…. Although, in that process, this has at times won me friends and favour…. It has also left me unsure of who I am…. I’ve played this game so well, I now do it without even thinking…. I give myself away, often unknowingly, because the need to belong and to be loved is so strong…. Why do I do this to myself?…. Shame is the answer…. Shame is that feeling, that I am not good enough…. It is that fear that I will be found out, I will be exposed…. Shame tells me that unless I fit in and bend myself out of shape in order that I may be liked, that there is a certain ‘death’…. This is not the dying that will greet us all one day, this is a ‘living death’, the very worst kind…. Where one is alive and yet completely disconnected from oneself, one’s meaning and purpose…. This is a life where my authenticity has been sacrificed, so the world might make a place for me…. I am now seeing the great deception that has played out in my mind, which would have me believe that who I really am is not good enough and therefore I need to become something else, someone else…. Nothing could be further from the truth….


My authentic self, is full of beauty and potential…. My authentic self is nature’s greatest wonder…. When I step away from the lie, that I am not good enough, I find the truth and discover how spectacular I really am…. I am amongst the greatest wonders in the universe…. The human mind and spirit are only limited by their negative thoughts, beliefs and conditioning…. As I let go of these false ideas and the personality I have acquired as a result of my shame…. I’m no longer afraid to think the very best of me…. So I embrace the highest ideals…. I dream of a world where I am at peace, whatever else may be happening…. I dream of a world where kindness and compassion are revered above all else…. I dream of a world where my light makes a difference, adds value and is a force for positive change…. I now release the shame that has bound me… and I find the greatest wonder of my life….  which is Me!