Sufism is a wonderful tradition, steeped in peace, poetry, prose and love.  It came into the world at a time when there was conflict and amongst its contributions, it sought to build bridges primarily between Hinduism and Islam.


Farīd-ad-Dīn Attar (1145-1220) was a pharmacist by training but he left his profession behind in order to pursue the wisdom of the Sufi saints and as a consequence became a great Sufi mystic in his own right.  He is probably most famous for the Conference of the Birds, an epic poem consisting of 4,724 couplets… a staggering work of art.


Rumi, who is more well known and remembered, repeatedly acknowledged Attar as his master.  His greatest tribute to him was: “Attar traveled through all the seven cities of love, while I am only at the bend of the first alley.”


Attar invites us, in this poem, to cast aside the veil, so that we might better see ourselves, our God and the truth about reality, and as a result be able to see the connection between all things.


If this speaks to you, we hope you’ll find some peace and clarity in its words and hypnotic music.




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