We have long been supporters of small, local charities, where the monies donated are not lost in the often vast machinery of administration. The Nseleni Support Group is such a cause…


The founder of this charity, Elena Utton, has long been involved in supporting the children of Africa afflicted by poverty, famine and conflict.  Her passion, tenacity and humanity have meant she has been instrumental in raising tens of thousands of pounds that have gone directly to those working with children on the ground who often have no financial means and are unable to feed themselves or acquire an education.


Obviously any donation is welcome but £50 a year can help to feed a child for that time and we’re encouraging those who can afford to make that commitment to do so.  We hope you will be inspired to participate in any way you can.



Here’s what Elena has to say… 

We are a Nseleni support group – Nselesni is a South African township where the children we support live.Most of these children are orphans due to AIDS causing the death of their parents.  Many of the children themselves suffer from AIDS or are HIV Positive.


Some medication is now available but is not the best quality.  If this is taken on an empty stomach it can have very negative side effects – for example kidney infections, heart disease and in the past we have lost children because of these side effects.


Initially we planned to keep the food bank for exactly that, for food for the children,  but unexpected needs and expenses keep cropping up.  For example a robbery left the project without a cooker, a fridge, a freezer including all the food being stored in them.  Luckily with several phone calls to supporters we managed to replace these items.  We are very keen to avoid a recurrence of this event so that the children do not go hungry.



We also need funding for medications, hospital treatments etc. and many unexpected problems which arise so now we are looking for more support to help us supply all that is needed by the children – to support a good and nurturing life for them.


To die of starvation is a long and painful process.  A lack of adequate nourishment means the children have no resistance to fight off other illnesses, and if they are lucky enough to be in school, lack of food renders them incapable of learning. Please help us to help these children, to give them a chance to survive and most of all thrive.


They need us!!

With enormous gratitude and love.



To find out more about how you can help/make a donation, please contact:

Elena Utton on: 07920401235 or email her at: elena@onelife-online.org.uk.