My head and my heart hurt as a consequence of my unresolved issues, thoughts and feelings…. At times it feels so difficult  to let go of those things that have hurt me and in many cases changed my life…. And yet the more I hold on to those pains, sadnesses, regrets, anger and trauma the more I hurt and the less able I am to move on…. Where is the benefit in holding on to that which hurts?…. Is there really any value in remaining in this place?…. My lack of forgiveness hurts me more than anyone else…. Have I not suffered enough already?…. It’s time to move on, to look forward and to take what lessons life has offered me on my journey….


Forgiveness sets me free….It’s not a position of weakness, it is in fact a position of courage and strength…. It’s much harder to let go than to hold on…. As I come to realise that my past hurts imprison me and keep me tied to the past, I also realise that I am being punished all over again and I choose not to do this to myself…. There is literally no future in the past…. It’s time for me to move on and I do…. I set myself free by asking for forgiveness for my own mistakes and forgiving those who’ve trespassed against me…. As I do this I feel the burden of the past hurts and regrets slowly lifting and my spirit is able to fly free…. At last I’m free and I can look forward to a better tomorrow…. And I do….