The greatest mistake I am likely to make is to think that mistakes are something others are guilty of and that I don’t make mistakes…. It is this denial and delusion that prevents me from seeing that my mistakes are in fact the things most likely to help me…. My most important lessons and insights come from having the humility to look at when I am in the wrong…. Looking at and owning my mistakes does not diminish me in any way…. In fact when I have the maturity to look at myself in this way both my conscience and consciousness expand…. My mind is able to extend to new frontiers, as my awareness courageously faces the truth about my actions….


Each day, rather than denying where I’ve gone wrong, I actively look for any learning opportunities that my mistakes might illuminate…. I stop seeing my mistakes as something to fear and defend at all costs and realise they offer me the opportunity to keep growing…. It is such a liberating feeling to not have to defend where I may have gone wrong…. Instead I can use my energy to look honestly at my actions and reactions and adjust them where necessary…. I reflect now on my most recent mistakes and rather than looking disparagingly at myself and my actions, I cast the eye of compassion across those scenarios…. And as a result I’m able to see what I need to learn…. What joy there is in looking more kindly at myself and also others…. This compassionate mind-set sits comfortably with the person I’m trying to become…. It inspires me to be less defensive, more reflective and forgiving of myself and others…. And I go with the flow….