We all want to reach the destination with as little effort as possible.   We’re all hoping for the miracle that will instantly solve all our problems.  We don’t want to hear that it might be more challenging than we first thought and yet the truth is we only get out what we put in.


So, if you want the unimaginable and to live in a fortress of peace and contentment, if you want a happiness not defined exclusively by your material existence and status, then you will need to make effort.  In fact, the more obsessive your focus is to meet the needs of your mind, body and spirit, ensuring your environment supports you in that, the more your desired destination is guaranteed.


Although it’s become quite fashionable to promise even greater results with less effort, this goes against the cause and effect principle that governs the universe. In Change is a Process Not an Event, we cover this topic in more detail but to summarise it here, knowledge plus application equals personal power.  So the power we seek can only come through the application of knowledge.


In this section of the website we are going to produce numerous tip sheets to help simplify the synergistic principles that will enable you to orchestrate your own repair and healing.


These will act as reference guides that remind you of what you need to ‘do’ to engineer positive change.  So, to underline, it’s what you put into practice that will actually change your life.


We are all a bundle of habits.   When we accrue good habits we become full of virtue, able to create virtuous cycles in all areas of our lives. When we accrue bad habits we find that vices increasingly populate our being and our world.   As a result we lose our way.


So please keep coming back and checking in on these tip sheets.  We think you’ll find them an invaluable resource.


Where appropriate, please share them with family, friends and colleagues.


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