In this very interesting and informative talk Dr Patricia Carrington, talks about the concept of ‘choices’.  Choices is an extension to EFT, where the individual is combining the power of tapping on specific points, with the power of positive affirmations. Dr. Carrington discusses here, how affirmations are better imbibed when combined with tapping. This is an example of where biology meets psychology and where the past meets the present.


This is well worth a view and probably more importantly worth experimenting with. You can do some of the basic practice by yourself, but subject to the issues you are trying to address, you may need professional assistance.


First of all watch this video and see if you are persuaded that this kind of intervention can help you with your challenges.  EFT, has a very good success rate when it comes to dealing with anxiety, phobias, stress and trauma. But it should be noted that this therapy, like all others is only as good as the one delivering the therapy. So if you do choose to get professional help, then do your research well.


There is of course the need for open-mindedness and a willingness to get well, because all therapeutic intervention also depends on the desire of the client/patient to get well. Our own minds can block the very best healing, if we are not ready for recovery. So are you really ready to get well?  Because there is no force in nature quite like the determined mind!




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