Mantras are a very powerful way of creating focus and chanelling the mind’s energies.  This is why mantra-mind thinking has travelled through the centuries and is still with us today… and is as effective as it ever was. 


This mantra is very hypnotic and powerful and is part of the kundalini yoga tradition.  It is a detox meditation, seen as a way of healing, both the physical and emotional aspects of the self. When using this mantra, concentrate on your breathing, and as you inhale, visualise the life force entering into your system and as it does, visualise the air and energy moving through the body, through every cell, each one being lit up by that energy.  Then see that energy washing away your pain and negativity, removing any blockages inside your body and restoring your energy to its most beautiful.  


As you listen, immerse yourself in the meaning of the mantra: Prana (breathe in the life force).  Apana (the force that removes all negative energy). Shushumna (the channels through which the energy moves around the body).  And Hari (the Divine source of infinite energy – remover of pain, negativity and sorrow)… This in turn brings joy.


Then smile and take in all the wonderful things the universe has to offer.



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