Below is a variety of statements, which offer insights into the vast subject we have referred to as The Community of the Self.  This is another description for subpersonalities, and both subjects can be viewed in parallel, given their overlapping themes.


The purpose of these Bite Sized Insights is to encourage poignant reflection on matters pertaining to the self, consciousness and one’s identity.  We hope you will use them to help expand your understanding and increase your exposure to this incredible terrain.





  • To understand the community of the self, we need to realise that we all innately expect to be loved, to belong, to receive kindness, compassion, empathy. We expect these things because they are our nature.


  • When these things are not our staple diet during our formative years, then we develop a range of defences to keep us safe…


  • The controller is critical in our family of subpersonalities. S/he is responsible for all kinds of things – s/he doesn’t know when to let go, even though there is a point when letting go is absolutely essential for our survival.


  • The perfectionist will grab defeat from the jaws of victory. It spoils everything; it can’t see or find joy unless it is absolutely perfect.


  • The point of exploring the community of the self is to understand the terrains of consciousness because if I don’t understand my own internal landscape, I won’t have much chance of getting to the promised land.


  • Everything is trying to find energy in order to survive. Where that energy is secured, growth takes place for that thing, organism, feeling, thought, or philosophy. When there is a shortage of energy ‘it’ moves into protection… It finds ways to survive, and the subpersonalities behave exactly like this.


  • We will end up in the rocking chair of regret if we are too busy protecting who we have become, rather than finding out who we truly are.


  • We are all looking for meaning and purpose. Innately we all know that we have a song to sing and so much of our frustration and irritation is bound up in not having worked out what that is.


  • The way we do everything at Reach is through persuasion – persuading the body, persuading the mind, persuading the spirit. We don’t use force.  We invite the energies to come together, to cooperate… We invite synergy.


  • We cannot ‘hot house’ our way through this work or most of the subtleties and the details will be missed.


  • Discernment is one of the most important powers and needs to be mindfully employed. Every decision we make depends on it.



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