Now everyone can enjoy the health benefits of alkaline ionized water conveniently and cost effectively without electrical or plumbing connections. Thanks to advances in the use of natural bioceramics you can get the alkalising, energising and detoxifying benefits of healthy alkaline water which is the simplest thing you can do to improve and maintain your health.




The Biocera Alkaline Antioxidant Jug filters and ionises your tap water turning it into mineral rich health promoting alkaline water which has antioxidant properties. The alkaline antioxidant filter uses a new generation of special natural ceramics that affects the water as it flows through it. Filtration through the Biocera alkaline jug filter changes the water that passes through it in four different ways by:


1. Increasing the pH of the filtered water typically to between 8.5 and 9.5
2. Changing the oxidation/reduction potential of the water (ORP) to between -100mV and -250mV.
3. Reducing the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is more easily absorbed in the body.
4. Putting into the water beneficial alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.


The jug has a capacity of 1.8 litres of filtered water , suitable to fit most refrigerator doors. The water filter improves the quality of tap water and provides clear, clean water to be used for tea, coffee, cooking and for drinking water . In addition to creating high alkaline antioxidant water the alkaline jug filter cartridge reducing heavy metals, such as lead and copper in addition to chlorine and dissolved organics such as pesticides.



GREEN VIBRANCE – Nutrient dense green drink powder

Green Vibrance from Vibrant Health – a superior great value green drink powder to alkalise, oxygenate, detoxify and energise your body. Green Vibrance Powder is not just a great ‘greens product’. In addition to the wide range of green grass juices and green vegetables it has a wide range of antioxidant herbs, enzymes and probiotics to support the whole body. Green Vibrance Powder has led the way in green food supplement development since 1992. It also helps to build healthy cells. Healthy cells means more energy , better immunity , a slowing down of the aging process and reducing the chances of degenerative disease. Healthy cells means elimination of pain and inflammation and proper balance of blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Green Vibrance Powder is the one supplement that everyone should be taking daily to build and maintain their health. It is available in powder (both 30 day and 60 day containers), capsules and sachets to meet everyones needs. The following information and the complete ingredients list will show you why Green Vibrance is a superior product.


Green Vibrance Powder supports the four foundations of health: nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity with additional benefits for all body systems. It delivers a host of trace nutrients that may be absent or deficient in modern diets….


• Green Vibrance Is highly alkalising and promotes better body acid/alkali balance.
• Supports efficient circulation in order to deliver nutrients to every cell of the body.
• Supports efficient clearance of waste products of metabolism and detoxification
• Supports neurological health
• It helps to maintain high levels of energy
• Supports a vigorous and efficient immune system to ward off disease, it gives increased antioxidant protection.
• Rehabilitates and maintains a healthy digestive tract, thereby improving nutrient absorption.




Field of Greens is a nutritionally power packed alkalising green drink supplement for those who want to maintain good health and enjoy high energy levels . It is immensely valuable for those people with health challenges needing to boost their immunity, reduce acidity and improve cell oxygenation. Green drink supplements have tremendous cancer prevention properties. Powdered grasses and grass juices have a very high chloropyll content which helps to build healthy blood and transfer oxygen through the body. They also have a powerful effect on the healing and regeneration of the body because of the wealth of nutrients and micro nutrients in them…

Green drink supplements from grasses and green vegetables provide the body with dense nutrition helping to energise the cells and alkalize the tissues. The wide range of phytonutrients present in these grasses, grass juices and green vegetables have tremendous healing powers. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, collards and cabbage all contain protective micronutrients and phytochemicals. They contain sulphur compounds which are recognizable by their pungent flavour. When the cell walls break down by blending or chopping a chemical reaction occurs that converts these sulphur containing compounds to isothiocyanates – compounds with proven anti-cancer activities. These isothiocyanates have different mechanisms of action working synergistically to provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune boosting detoxifying benefits to the body.


Field of Greens sets a new standard for purity and healthy goodness among purely green foods. Field of Greens is the benchmark green food product for anyone seeking an organic, purely green food supplement with maximum nutritional value. It is an excellent product to help promote optimum balance with the resulting benefits of improved immunity and increased energy.


Field of Greens is made from 100% certified organic:

• alfalfa grass whole-leaf powder
• alfalfa grass juice powder
• barley grass whole-leaf powder
• barley grass juice powder
• oat grass whole-leaf powder
• oat grass juice powder
• wheat grass whole-leaf powder
• wheat grass juice powder
• alfalfa sprout powder
• parsley powder
• collard powder
• kale powder
• broccoli sprout powder
• spinach powder
Field of Greens is “RAW FOOD” retaining all the ingredient nutrients.






The complete phytonutrient power-packed nutritional supplement to support immunity, enhance cell functioning and promote overall wellness. Cell Nutrition Greens is an advanced superfood formulation which gives dense nutrition to assist our body systems to function optimally. Our health is a reflection of our health at cellular level. All the ingredients in Cell Nutrition Greens were carefully selected and combined to give support to cellular health, promoting well being from basic foundational levels. Cell Nutrition Greens has a high antioxidant content to help to combat harmful free radicals.


The formulation has been developed for Water for Health in Australia by a leading Naturopathic doctor. It is a unique formulation giving daily support to maintain health and is also a valuable nutritional support to people facing health challenges who require the very best nutrition. Cell Nutrition Greens combines alkalising superfoods such as organic wheat grass, organic barley grass, alflalfa, broccoli sprouts and spirulina with high antioxidant foods such as blueberry, goji berry and turmeric with other natural foods with a huge array of phytonutrients such as maca root, aloe vera, beta glucan and nettle. It harnesses all the best in natural rich nutrition. It supplies your body with a wide spectrum of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a form that the body can readily assimilate.


To find out more about  other products in their range: www.water-for-health.co.uk