I feel stuck, unable to change my reality. At times I’m so confused, uncertain about the way ahead…. It feels as if everything and everyone is conspiring against me. I’m tired of being a victim…. When will my life change for the better?…. I’m desperate for a change in fortune…. I’m tired of this game of blame that my mind plays again and again…. It repeatedly deceives me and I’ve come to realise it’s weakening me…. I’m not a victim; life is not conspiring against me…. It is I who am not embracing life’s abundance…. I lack the belief that it will work with me and for me…. It is this thought pattern that weakens me and so I choose to let go of this disabling belief….


The truth is I can choose to let life happen to me and blame other things and individuals for my misfortune, or I can decide to be the master of my destiny, simply by changing the way I think…. And I do…. I refuse to play the blame game and I take responsibility for my life…. My life is waiting to be designed by me, so I start creating new, positive and uplifting thoughts…. I choose to see the benefit in every situation…. I choose to believe in my inherent talents and abilities…. I know I have something positive to offer and by thinking kind, uplifting thoughts my positive contribution to the world finds its way to the surface of my mind…. It’s a new day, it’s a fresh sparkling moment of opportunity and I embrace it with both hands…. I take responsibility for my life and life in turn works with me not against me…. No longer am I a victim to circumstance…. I choose choice and positive outcomes choose me…. It’s a new day, there is no gain in blame and so I choose to permanently move beyond it….