A Rap For The Earth



This is a rap
A rap for the Mother
The Mother of us all
It’s a call to uncover
A feeling
Of interconnection
A simple perfection
The truth of the matter
The truth of the spirit
Woven together
Without and within it
We’re each one a drop
Of natural wonder
Sunlight and ocean
Lightning and thunder
Stardust in motion
We’re never alone
And each one belongs
On this planet called Home

This planet called Home

More precious than oil
Is sunshine and soil
But greed, fear and ignorance
Make trouble and toil

This system’s dynamic
So keep it organic
If we don’t make the changes                               
There’s gonna be panic
Ice caps are melting
Forests decline
If we don’t make the changes



There won’t be much time
Concrete and plastic
All over the place
If we don’t make the changes
We’ll need outer space
Cus what will remain
When we’ve used it all up
Chopped it all down
Messed it all up

More precious than money
The sky blue and sunny
But civilisation
Is ever so funny

The pathways we roam
On this planet called Home
Can be an adventure
Beyond what we’ve known

If we follow the heart
Attend to the calling
Jump into life
Though it feels like free falling
Wander the forest
Climb up the mountain
Beyond all the words
Far past the counting
There in the stillness
A vision is shown
We all belong here
On this planet called Home