In the vein of The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy, ‘The Dreamseller – The Calling’ is an inspirational fable about a mysterious man who calls himself The Dreamseller.  Wherever he goes, he enchants people and inspires them to search for the most important thing: the heart of the human soul.  Every person he meets is someone who has abandoned their dreams and is going through a difficult time.  Through his questioning, he helps them to overcome their turmoil by getting to the root of their unhappiness.


The story begins with an accomplished university professor who threatens to leap off a building and end his life.  He is so stirred by The Dreamseller that he follows him and becomes a dreamseller himself.  Through the remainder of the story, we meet an alcoholic who has lost his family, and an overweight woman who believes she will never find true love.  At the end of this moving tale the true identity of The Dreamseller is revealed and the reason for his unusual crusade becomes clear.


This moving fable brilliantly shows us how we should reflect on the purpose of life and to value those we love the most.  This is a book that injects hope, uplifts and inspires.  It is well worth reading.  There are many who have, as a result of its many tales, found themselves reclaiming what is important in life…. We think you’ll enjoy it.