Therapy Retreats aims to provide answers to people’s explorations of the emotional, psychological and spiritual issues of everyday life. Retreats have a long history of providing a positive effect on disturbed emotions. The retreats offer a unique combination of effective learning and therapy in an intimate and supportive environment within the atmospheric surroundings of an exclusive country house setting. The locations for these retreats are perfect places to gain the inspiration, insight and answers being sought, while in a supportive and reassuring group setting. Research has proven that support groups and speaking to others about common issues has remarkable benefits.


Therapy Retreats’ combination of psychological answers with a spiritual dimension is perfect for anyone seeking healing, wholeness and meaning and who may have tried a variety of unsuccessful approaches in the past.


Many are reaching the point where they feel compelled to re-examine their lives and many are looking to achieve a new direction. Therapy Retreats delivers a unique range of retreats that focus on some of life’s biggest issues, such as: anxiety and depression, a lack of confidence, relationship issues, addictions and much more.  For some these kinds of retreats can be more effective than one to one counselling/therapy.


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