I decided that Become Part of the Solution would be my final book, because I feel that the thousands of handouts, worksheets and other materials I have written over the last 30+ years (and will continue to write) mean another book is not necessary.  All the books I’ve written have had one agenda, which is to explain the importance of synergy (everything is connected) – which is the primary philosophy that underpins The Reach Approach.


Become Part of the Solution builds on the message offered by Synergy: A Cure for All Ills, which helps us to realise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts… in other words, when we become lost in one part of the story, we are unable to appreciate the benefits of seeing the whole picture… and are deceived.  The Reach Approach clearly states that silos are the enemy of synergy.  There are many who would have us believe that the answers we seek can be found in one place.  And although in some instances this can be true, in the vast majority of cases, it is not.


Become Part of the Solution has now become a trilogy, as it has given birth to two other books, one a journal (101 Ways to Become Part of the Solution), and the other a pocket guide called Tranceform (Spiritual Snacks for the Soul).  This was never the plan, but on completion of the book, it seemed an obvious development, because I didn’t want Become Part of the Solution to be a book people just read and put down and got on with their lives.  I wanted the reader to vigorously question their stance, and to challenge their way of thinking.  Most of all I wanted them to ask themselves “how can I become a part of the solution?”  I believe this is the most important question and calling of our time.  I believe we need to stand up and be counted, to find a way to become part of the rebirthing process.


101 Ways to Become Part of the Solution invites the reader to take a reflective journey, centred around the thought-provoking material extracted from the book.  It’s not a journal to simply write your thoughts and feelings (although you can choose to do that), it’s designed for you to make pledges, promises to go and make a difference in the world – in the end it requires you to do something, which I hope you’ll be inspired to do.


Tranceform takes all the key points and meditations featured at the end of each chapter and gathers them together in a pocket sized book, inviting you to make use of these valuable insights in your everyday life.  This book can be used in a multitude of ways… something you just pick up from time to time and dip into, something you use as a thought for the day, or as the basis for a meditation.  It could also be something you reflect on before you go to sleep each night.


I hope you will be inspired to take the journey in whichever way best suits you.  Each book has a different application and meets a different need, but in the end the outcome is the same.  Do something positive.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it.


Knowledge plus application equals personal power… and lasting change.


Easton ❤️