I am life Life is who I be
Life expressed in every form
Everything is me

I’m One and I am many
The sunlight and the shadow
I’m both seed and falling leaves
The wind that makes the leaves fall down
All flowers in the meadow
Brings rain from sea to land
And where the waters dry up
I am in the sand
I’m space and I am witnessed
In the ocean sky reflection
You sense me in the beauty
But I am your perception
Some call me God or Spirit
I have so many names
But what I truly am
Is far beyond all language games




Life is who I be
Life expressed in everything
Beyond duality

Calmness of a gentle breeze
Chaos of the storm
Birth and death and all of it
My ever changing form
Higher than the highest mountain
Deeper than a coastal shelf
I’m even closer to you
Than you are to yourself
The answer to the question
That every seeker asks
All roles in truth are mine to play
The One behind all masks
I am before beginning
I am beyond the end
The ground of all creation
Your teacher and your friend


Life is who I be
Life expressed in everything
I am The Mystery