Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD is the founder of the Radical Remission Project and author of the NY Times bestselling book “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.”


Her specialized research focus is the Radical Remission of cancer, which she describes as a remission that occurs either in the absence of Western Medicine, or after Western Medicine has failed to achieve remission.


Kelly’s interest in complementary medicine began when she received her B.A. from Harvard University, and it later became the sole focus of her doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley.


Her dissertation research included a year-long trip around the world, for which she travelled to ten different countries to interview 50 holistic healers and 20 Radical Remission cancer survivors about their healing practices and techniques.  As a result of her extensive research and studies, the Radical Remission project was conceived.  Her book of the same name, illustrates what she describes as the 9 key factors that can really make a difference to cancer sufferers and may well offer a route back to health.


Her book is well researched, easy to read and filled with numerous case studies.  For those interested in this topic, or in the prevention of cancer, this is a book well worth adding to your reading list.


In addition to her ongoing research, writing, and lecturing, Dr. Turner also provides one-on-one Integrative Cancer Consultations to cancer patients who are interested in integrating complementary medicine approaches with their Western oncology treatment.