Victory is not about winning, it’s about being the best I can be… It’s about taking responsibility for my life…. If I don’t take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions, the force of circumstance will take over….There are so many reasons why I have found myself trapped in victimhood…. However, the truth remains that being a victim is a position I can opt out of or opt into…. It really is a choice I alone can make…. My inner dialogue can be my greatest enemy or most beautiful friend…. I choose its friendship…. My life is now waiting for clear instruction…. My mind, my relationships and the circumstances that surround me are all waiting for me to choose one of the infinite possibilities before me…. I am not tied to the path I have taken, I can choose another way…. I let go of my negative inheritance, my old outdated habits and fears…. I choose a life that is consistent with my highest self…. A life that is consistent with my heartfelt desires….


Victimhood is a lie that I have believed for too long…. It’s a mirage that promises plenty but continues to serve up a drought…. I’m tired of hiding, denying and pretending…. I connect with my truth, my courage and my strength…. I grow out of fear and move towards the light of infinite possibility…. As I grow a quiet river of confidence flows through my mind and my body and I now know everything is possible….I refuse to be deceived any more….Victory is about doing the right thing, pursuing my dreams with integrity…. And so I do…. Victory is mine….. Victory is mine….