The Road Least Travelled by Lucinda Drayton



Lucinda has been a long-time friend of Reach. She began her acquaintance with us in a very dark place well over a decade ago, and with courage and honesty has increasingly found her way into the light.


Even though she is a successful singer-songwirter, renowned worldwide for her genre of music, she has not allowed the ego of her personal status to get in the way of truly taking this journey. She would be the first to acknowledge that although she has come a long way, there is still some way to go, but at least now she has a clear map, which she has been faithfully following and as a result, she continues to grow and blossom.  Currently, she is training with us so she can continue to be an effective exponent of our wonderful holistic and integrative methods.


The Road Least Travelled, which is the title of her latest album, comes from the idea we conceived some 30 years ago following the ground breaking book, The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck.  We’ve always believed that beyond the road less travelled, is one that even fewer take; it’s the one where knowledge, plus application equals personal power.  It’s a journey that demands patience, practice and perseverance – and quite a dollop of courage too!  Lucinda, in this rendition, has composed a number of beautiful melodies that offer a unique insight into that less troden path…


This truly amazing album is in part a tribute to our model and approach as well as to the concept of personal growth with it’s many unique challenges.  We are honoured that she has been inspired to produce this beautiful album with our message at the heart of it.


To sample the album and read more about its contents, check it out here