Anxiety in all its many forms has such a devastating impact on the mind, body and spirit…. Hopefully as you learn more about it’s many manifestations you’ll feel empowered to make the changes required to achieve peace of mind. You can also read more on our resources page (see: Anxiety Disorders and Are you Anxious or Angry?). To understand this subject further and identify some of the solutions for anxiety also read the Story of Health  and explore the meditation and relaxation section on this page – there’s plenty to help you find your way but don’t make the mistake of trying to do too much all at once.





In order to move away from anxiety and towards a state of peace and inner tranquility, you must make your sub-conscious mind your friend (see: Old Friend, Dear Friend).  You can change the stream of consciousness by learning to change your thoughts…



Positve affirmations used regularly work! You are what you think of yourself… Where the mind goes your destiny will follow!



Please be kind and patient with yourself and you’ll get the best results – to understand what we mean, please listen to Change Through Compassion. Understanding anxiety is the first step, as there is more to anxiety than meets the eye…. Remaining ignorant can simply compound the problem. This is why self help begins with education and raising awareness….