Enjoy an eco-holiday, stay for B&B, de-stress with supportive therapies or participate in a course.  Residential healing retreats on offer, especially working with trauma. If you are a practitioner you can hire Healing-Waters for courses and as a therapy space for your clients.  We also offer the entire Sanctuary, including use of the field, for rental for special events or holiday accommodation.


Healing Waters is a spiritual and healing retreat centre and B&B. We also regularly have courses running here.. We offer a tranquil space for our visitors to enjoy a deeply healing and restful stay. Our facilities are available to people of all spiritual paths and hold the belief that God is Love, in whatever form people choose to experience the Divine.


Visitors love the flower gardens at Healing Waters. We also are developing an biodynamic project in the field. It is called, Healing Gardens Community Project. Why not take the opportunity to involve yourself with some gardening. We welcome volunteers or can offer some form of exchange.



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