Those of you who are familiar with our Persuading the Body series will know that we believe that until the body is treated with the care, love and respect it deserves it will ‘appear’ to oppose us in our day to day lives.  In fact, the body never works against us; what looks like its opposition is simply its many attempts to get its core needs met.  When we do this the body cooperates beautifully with all our aspirations and efforts.


This trilogy of videos offers an introduction to a wonderful body-movement approach called Intuflow.  Intuflow is a lovely synergy of yoga, dynamic mobility and low impact manoeuvres, offered with a clear rationale that respects the body’s needs.  It gently persuades the body to rise to its potential and is another way of bringing about self mastery….. For those who might find this too demanding why not try yoga for beginners or tai chi.


Part 1….



 Part 2….


Part 3….



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