• Everything we do at Reach can be summarised in one word… conversation. In fact, everything in the universe can be classified as a conversation of one kind or another.


  • Without trance there is little chance of trance-formation.


  • There is a matrix of electromagnetic frequencies that we are all a part of and when we are in a place that is calm, measured and still, that’s when we’re capable of wonders.


  • Method Matters Most. With all things there’s a running order, a sequence that needs to be honoured and when we do, we achieve the best outcomes.


  • We need to understand that it’s our intention that is going to have the greatest impact on the outcome.


  • Intention is acting with purpose.


  • We are not owned by our pasts.  We are not our mistakes and shortcomings.  Confusing one’s behaviour with who one is, is a sure-fire way to bury oneself alive.



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