Dearest Past,

I now understand what is really holding me back…. I’ve begun to realise that all the ‘things’ that I have not resolved from my past keep tripping me up in the present!…. I have acted as if, if I pretend those things are not there, then all will be well and it doesn’t really matter…. This has worked for a time and sometimes gets me through the day or a phase in my life…. But every so often something from the past taps me on the shoulder and I can see in the mirror of my moods, attitudes and behaviours that I am still influenced by the things I thought I had left behind…. I have also realised that I have hurt the hearts and minds of others, mostly unintentionally, but at times with intention if I have felt hurt in some way…. It is clear to me now that one cannot leave such a trail without consequence….


To hurt the hearts and minds of others means I almost certainly will have negatively impacted on the decisions, choices and destinies of those individuals…. How sad… As I realise my actions have impacted on others in this way I feel upset and uncomfortable…. How can I put that right?…. I want to, I need to make amends…. The moment may well have passed and some of the individuals may no longer be in my life, but I have realised this does not prevent me from sending out a positive intention and a sincere apology into the ‘ether of time’…. Thoughts are things with positive and negative values and intentions are amongst the greatest forces that have shaped our world…. So I can use these two forces to help me resolve the legacy of my past…. And so I do….


Dearest Past, I call on both the purest thoughts of my mind and the highest intentions of my heart to help me now, to right my wrongs…. To those hearts and minds that I have negatively affected, wherever you may be, I ask for your forgiveness…. Where my actions may have altered the course of your life I ask that time and destiny remove these negative influences from you and that your life finds a better course…. I am so sorry for any harm that I have caused in the world, because I realise now that in blocking others I have also blocked myself…. The things blocking me today are the very things that I have not resolved from yesterday that keep calling in their debt…. I want to put that right, both for myself and those I have affected….


May the force of my sincerity and good intentions unblock the path of those I have hurt and hindered…. To those of you who are faceless and nameless to me now, to those of you to whom I was once close and may now as a result of time and events be separated from, to those of you who are currently in my life and I from time to time take for granted, I ask you all for your forgiveness…. I’m so sorry for those times when I’ve hurt you or let you down….


As I ask for those whom I have affected to find peace, light and joy in their lives, that peace, light and joy slowly become present in my life…. I can feel it emerging…. As the burden of the past begins to lift….the past now slips away fading into the background, leaving only the fragrance of its lessons behind…. I give thanks for this opportunity to make peace with the past and to also make peace with those whom I have negatively affected….


Whenever you feel blocked in any way, especially when you can’t see the reason why, read this inspirational text and you’ll find that you’re feelings of being held back will lift…. and a new dawn will emerge.



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