Breathing is the single most underestimated self-help intervention, which is quite tragic really because without breathing we would literally die in minutes and yet we continue to take it for granted.  Something that is so vital to life and our existence that we can scarcely do without it for a few moments, gives us some idea of its role and importance. Isn’t it time we stopped taking it for granted?  The vitality and preciousness of breathing in a  conscious way holds the key to so many of the internal and external transformations that we seek. Those of you familiar with our work will know our philosophy, that the ‘secret to health is the removal of waste‘ (click link to find out more). Breathing is responsible for the removal of over two thirds of the body’s waste, which is why it is critical to physical and mental health; it also provides us with the much needed oxygen to keep the engine of our cells producing the energy to sustain the gift of life.

Conscious breathing is the art of living in harmony with this most vital and undervalued resource – our breath. Conscious breathing is the wisdom of not taking the breath for granted and affording it the proper reverence and respect it deserves. It’s the art of appreciating this amazing gift and truly embracing its life-giving power. Why not begin your journey of appreciation today?


Part two….

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