I feel like I’ve tried so hard to achieve those things that are most important to me…. And yet despite my best efforts, it always seems such a difficult path…. When I look around me it seems that others move more smoothly through their lives without the same resistance and opposition…. Why does it feel more difficult for me?…. Am I doing something wrong?…. Am I missing some fundamental point?…. I’m weary from trying to work it out and so at times I lose hope…. I wish it could be easier for me, I wish I didn’t have to try quite so hard…. If there is a formula for success I ask with all my heart that it be unveiled to me and I promise to honour it in the best way that I can…. I’m ready to change and I now understand that change begins with me…. As I sit here reflecting, listening to the sounds of my mind the difference between strength and force slowly becomes clear…. And I realise this is the point I have been missing… This is why in spite of my best efforts I rarely seem to get to where I want to be…. It is only now that I begin to see that force is what has stopped me from reaching and fulfilling my potential….


Force pushes too hard in an attempt to reach the destination…. It’s impatient and forthright as it tries to meet its agenda by any means necessary… Force lacks the clarity, poise and discrimination needed to make the right decisions…. It’s relentless pursuit of the prize prevents it from seeing clearly…. Force believes getting there as quickly as one can is the most important element and that every second wasted ‘waiting around’ is foolhardy…. I’ve come to see that nothing could be further from the truth…. Strength is the answer…. Strength is more quiet, patient and considered in its approach…. Strength realises it’s not the pace that matters but it’s the poise, balance and composure that one is able to maintain that really counts…. As I come to understand this lesson for myself I can see that force pushes too hard, while strength applies only the pressure needed…. Strength knows that patience is its ally and so it takes its time, reflects and acts appropriately according to the context and the situation…. And so I make strength my ally…. I choose to let go of the impatience and shortsightedness of force…. I choose to let go of a way that pushes too hard and does all its thinking after the event…. I choose foresight, a quiet, considered and patient way…. A way that causes no harm to me and no harm to anyone else…. Strength is my friend and I walk hand-in-hand with her…. I let go of the impatience of force…. I choose a life that is considered, patient and resourceful…. I choose strength and strength chooses me….. I can now move towards my purpose and potential in the sure knowledge I will get there…. And I will…. Quietly and determinedly…. I will make it to my desired destination…. I give thanks for this wonderful insight as I move forward with a new-found confidence….