The personal development movement is awash with workshops and there is a lot of very good stuff out there.  Equally there are in our opinion a lot of workshops that promise much and deliver little.  And so we would say, buyer beware!  It is not our role or place to decide what is best for any individual – that is a personal matter.


From time to time we will feature in this section various workshops, put on by those who are either directly associated to Reach or where we know the quality of their work through recommendation.


We do not take any responsibility for workshops featured in this section, but these are events we think you may want to consider.  Individuals will have to decide for themselves on further investigation whether these workshops adequately meet their needs.  We only take responsibility for those workshops that we ourselves create, organise and deliver.


So please always contact the organisation or facilitator to ensure that your needs will be met.


Also see: FAQs and Principle Before Profit