Dr. Romila Mushtaq, MD, ABIHM, known as Dr. Romie, is a trained neurologist, an expert in the field of mind-body medicine and a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She is renowned for translating complicated neuroscience and medical information into easy-to-comprehend knowledge.  Dr. Romie is also a professional speaker and expert contributor to prestigious publications such as the Huffington Post and Livestrong – and she is regularly featured on national and local media outlets in the United States.


Dr. Romie began her exploration of the medicine behind mindfulness-based therapies after experiencing her own burn out.  She began combining her expertise and professional experiences in neurology and integrative medicine with the ancient yogic principles, particularly around breathing, and was able to translate this knowledge to help clients and corporations cope with their stress-infused lives; thereby taking mindfulness from the meditation mat into a mindful way of living… and breathing.


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