Practice, patience and perseverance are essential for personal growth…. I lovingly refer to all three as my friends, the 3 P’s… Without them, freeing myself from those negative patterns, beliefs, fears and self-limiting ideas would almost certainly be impossible…. The 3 P’s ask so little of me and yet offer so much in return….


My friend Practice says: do the right things little and often and I promise you real power and real peace…. The more you practise thinking the right thoughts, behaving in the right ways and treating others in the way you wish to be treated the more I will give you self-mastery, self-confidence and the skills needed to best navigate life’s terrain…. My friend Practice also promises me that anything I do consistently will become mine…. Practice will never let me down…. All I need to do is to rehearse as often as I can…. And I do….


My friend Patience says: s/he who can wait, all things come to his/her door…. The more patient you are, quietly waiting without expectation, the more I promise you fruits of success beyond your imagination….Impatience blocks your potential and your path…. Patience opens every door and clears every avenue…. My friend Patience also promises growth, maturity, clarity and insight…. The more patient I am the more this kind, beautiful friend will give me all that I need…. Patience will never let me down…. All I need to do is remain in its warm, reassuring embrace…. And I do….


My friend Perseverance says: no effort made with good intention is ever in vain…. The more you practise doing the right things, the more I guarantee you a positive outcome…. Even when your faith may be waning keep trying with a sincere heart and you will collect many small victories along the way…. My friend Perseverance also promises me more courage, inner strength, tenacity and wisdom… The more persevering I am the more powerful I feel…. My unwillingness to give up keeps finding greater depths in me, depths I never knew I had…. Such is the power of perseverance…. It introduces me to the best of me…. In fact, all 3P’s allow me to see that which has been invisible up to now…. I have incredible depths waiting to be discovered…. And the more I practise, the more they are revealed…. The happier I am to wait patiently, the more they are revealed…. And the more I quietly persevere, unwavering in my efforts, the more they are revealed….  I choose for the rest of my life to remain close to my three special friends…. Practice, Patience and Perseverance….