We have produced 50 new Shorts for YouTube, and there are many more in the pipeline.


These videos are one minute or less, offering a glimpse into our unique and transformative approach to personal development. They showcase not only the importance of the mind, body, spirit relationship, but the power of the environment too.


We cannot enjoy true holistic health and well-being if the mind, body, spirit and environment are neglected…. to achieve the very best in mental health, we must attend equally to all four elements. This is what we mean by synergy.


“Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organisations, substances, systems or other agents, that produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”. This is often summarised as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


These brief excursions offer important clues and insights and provide a map that will lead viewers/listeners to optimum health and well-being.


We will upload new material every week for the foreseeable future, so please keep checking out our YouTube channel  to avail yourself of these spiritual gems. We hope you will share them with those in need… and those you most love and treasure…


The Shorts are also being released on Instagram as Reels, and are featured on TikTok too.


Here are a couple of examples to give you a flavour of what they have to offer:







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