Our Bite-Sized Insights collection is a host of ‘meditational appetisers’, each one offering a brief summary of an aspect of our philosophy and approach. We invite you to take a look at these offerings and see what appeals to you.


As synergists, we believe ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and so it’s unlikely that any one thing will make us well. We are multifactorial beings; as a result we often need a variety of solutions if we are to resolve deep-seated issues, overcome our physical ailments and mend our broken hearts.


The siloed approach to life looks at things in compartments, which has us chasing symptoms, rather than pursuing causes. The universe is a matrix of interconnectedness. Nothing exists in isolation. And if we are to build the best philosophy for ourselves, we need to realise that everything is connected… which includes us.  We too need to become part of this conversation.


These videos will be released weekly… so please check out our YouTube channel for new additions.


Here are a couple examples of these meditational appetisers:






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