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I was given Sat’s details by a former work colleague who highly recommended him.  Initially, I asked for Sat’s assistance to assess the viability of a self-employed prospect which I was considering in addition to my full-time job. Sat gave me some invaluable advice pertaining to this.  However, due to a change in personal circumstances, it became clear that, unfortunately, I was no longer able to pursue self-employment.  Instead, as my situation worsened with the onslaught of serious health issues, Sat’s focus turned to encouraging and supporting me mainly with the importance of the implementation of self-care.  It was clear that his advice and guidance as well as the Reach handouts and guided meditations he chooses are in direct response to the immediate needs of the person he is coaching and are, therefore, very much on an individual basis and adapted if needed.  The last 10 months have been extremely challenging for me, but I feel now that I am in a much better position moving forward with my life and the events of these months have taught me the lessons that I needed to learn in order to better myself and lead a much more content and happier life.  Sat’s ability to listen without judgement, his kindness and his hope for the best for me has really helped me for which I am eternally grateful.  Thank you.




“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”.

Jimmy Dean (1928 – 2010)



Sat has worked with me for a number of years now. Initially the coaching sessions were looking at my goal of moving out of paid employment in academia, to running my own business. This proved to be very successful. Sat used a variety of techniques including visualisations, invocations and hard core basic business tips re my business model and how that would work in practice. Through his fantastic guidance I left my paid employment and am now running my own successful business. It has been a wonderful journey and from feeling trapped at work suddenly I was liberated. This opportunity then allowed me to start looking after other areas of my life, as it created time and head space for me.

An entrepreneur once said to me being self employed is linked to spiritual growth. This proved to be the case for me. I returned to Sat to then look at other areas of my life and to work out a work life balance. The work has evolved very naturally and at a steady pace. We looked at ‘The Story of Health’ including the importance of water, a dietary review and advice re supplementary nutrition tailored to my own health story. I had bouts of eczema which are very much under control now. I now have numerous non negotiables in my life thanks to Sat and this has led to me being at a stage of far greater self care than ever before. I am no longer over trading now, having a healthy work life balance.

Also with the help of Sat, I compiled a number of invocations for different areas of my life, as well as a vision board and personal prayer. These have proven to be invaluable in terms of looking at where I am in life and wish to be.

The work is ongoing and is going deeper year on year looking at a diversity of issues including forgiveness work, emotional freedom work and a life map to see how major points in my life have shaped me to be who I am today. I am also far more compassionate with myself and this along with my increased gratitude keeps me very grounded, grateful and resilient. The multitude of handouts from Reach have been extremely beneficial for example the power of thanks, forgiveness and gratitude, waste weakens, the 3 A’s, change is a process and not an event, and the three aspects of consciousness.

The absolute key though with the success I have had through the coaching process is the relationship I have built up with Sat. Trust, empathy and honesty have been the foundation on which everything has been built from. These qualities are innate in Sat and have allowed me to be truly authentic in the process and to leave no stone unturned. This connection with Sat has been priceless and has allowed the process to truly flourish.

Sat is a great communicator but he also has a real skill of active listening and intuitively picking up on what may really be going on from what is being said. A fantastic coach for all different areas of one’s life. Highly recommended!




“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart”.

Helen Keller (1880 – 1968)



We have been working with Sat to provide group and individual coaching and mentoring to international students. Sat has provided a wide range of coaching to our students including wellbeing support, dealing with stress and anxiety, exploring the international environment in the UK and interview preparation and practice. Sat is a responsible, proactive and supportive coach. He does his best to understand every student’s needs and support them all the way through difficulties by providing effective coaching face-to-face or via Skype. He is a professional coach who brings positive energy to others. I would highly recommend Sat as a great coach and mentor.

Sherry Xian – Achieve Mentoring