• To be truly present takes a very special kind of effort, a very special kind of concentration.  When you are really aware of yourself, you notice how often you drift away from the moment you are in; and focused attention is needed to return to the now.


  • To be truly present means to be completely bound to the moment you are in….  to realise that nothing that has gone before is more important than right now… and nothing to come is more important than right now.


  • Humility is knowing your own greatness but not needing others to know, which means we must never walk into a situation underestimating ourselves and what we have to offer.


  • When we are present, we are able to give presents (the gifts that will bring about meaningful change – making someone feel seen, heard and valued).


  • Silence speaks and is the point of greatest influence.


  • Cruising is the enemy of presence.


  • When you have cast iron belief, you bring the power of that belief into the space… you bring that energy into the moment… and that energy will do more to transform the situation or issue, than anything you could say.


  • The energy of presence is game-changing.