This section of the site will focus on the need for solitude and introspection. Our world seems to be afraid of stillness and silence. It’s as if we are continually on the run from ourselves. We appear to be driven by fear – needing to relentlessly prove we are good enough, either through our titles, roles and status or our appearance and material possessions. This pursuit of ‘filling’ our lives rather than ’emptying’ our minds is making us ill emotionally and in many instances, physically too. Emptying our minds does not mean the pursuit of ‘no thought’.  That is impossible. The emptying of one’s mind means to remove waste thoughts, by giving the mind a positive focus. Our thoughts then become slower, more purposeful and powerful and as a result we are more able to achieve our aims and objectives.


Our hope is that the things we feature in this section will encourage you to pursue relaxation or meditation because both endeavours enable the practitioner to make conscious contact with the self and in doing so raise awareness to such an extent that peace and clarity are achieved. Not all the items in this section reflect our views, nevertheless, we believe that there is valuable insight to be found in all the material posted here.  So we hope you’ll sit long enough to indulge your heart and mind and embrace stillness and enjoy the gifts of introspection. You’ll find it most useful to progress through the practical exercises on these pages in stages. Don’t force your practice. Begin with short sittings ie: 5 or 10 minutes for several days, maybe even 2 or 3 weeks, and only once it becomes easy would we recommend sitting for longer – little and often is the key. Then your progress will be certain…. Click on the meditation and relaxation options now (in the sidebar) – you’ll be spoilt for choice!