Our award-winning app, Happy Hints, has undergone a substantial facelift and is available both on iOS and android. Even though the outward appearance remains familiar, under the hood there’s a whole lot more power available to you.


What you can expect is a new eternal calendar with wonderfully inspiring mantras and affirmations, and a host of supportive insights that you can carry with you throughout the day.  The Listening In section now includes over 90 recordings, some of which are our most popular backing tracks.  There is something for every situation one might feel challenged by… or you might just need help with managing the ebb and flow of life. There is something for everyone.


The video category has over 100 audio-visual delights in a number of languages.  These include our very helpful Explainer Videos, offering bite-sized explanations about our philosophy and approach.  The resources section is packed with even more useful material to help improve one’s mental health and well-being.


The most significant development of the app is that we can now easily add to and update it, so you can expect over the coming weeks and months to see lots more positive and helpful content.  Happy Hints really is the gift that keeps on giving and for £2.99 it is exceptional value.


For those of you who’ve already purchased the app, all you need to do is download the new version for free.


Get your download today:  Google Play and App Store