The current environment is awash with a supplement, remedy or potion for just about every complaint and when you combine that with a world of depleting resources you have a heady, confusing mix. On the one hand we’re struggling to get all our needs met through our food because of pollution and countless environmental factors. On the other hand there’s the promise of perfect health if you take one of the numerous remedies on offer. Our view (at Reach) is that there is now too much choice and a plethora of promises being made, serving only to confuse the consumer further. Unless you are highly qualified in physiology, anatomy and nutrition, you are unlikely to know what to reach for. This is why the source from which you extract health products really matters. There are some good distributors of health products out there, such as Cytoplan, Tigon, Higher Nature, Bioforce, Biocare and Good Health Naturally, all specialising in slightly different things and offering excellent products and in the majority of cases, at good prices. We would recommend all of the above.

However we would also like to mention because over the last couple of years we have developed a very good friendship with the Director (Rollen Flood). He has demonstrated through his actions to be someone who has a social conscience and believes ethics and integrity are central to good business practice. This is a philosophy we share and as a result of his attitude and approach we know that you’re not only getting first class products, which is what they specialise in, you are also interacting with an organisation that cares about the service it’s offering and the impact of its products. We would recommend looking at their site, where you’ll find high quality products, interesting articles and useful advice on a variety of conditions. Our experience is that it really does matter what values and principles underpin the way an organisation works because it is those values and principles that dictate the end product. Whilst Rollen is at the helm, we’re sure you’ll be in receipt of the very best service!