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Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter for many is the ultimate pursuit.... It defines the amazing ability we all possess to influence and shape nature's dance.... I can either fall under her spell and lose sight of who I really am, or I can wake up to the infinite possibilities that live within me.... I am currently a shadow of myself because I have not fully embraced the depth and breadth of my own consciousness.... As I pause right now and reflect on the truth contained within my words, I become aware that I am more than has manifested in my life up to this point.... In fact my life up to this point has really been preparing me for this realisation.... That is, I have an unlimited reservoir of potential in me waiting to be tapped and so tap it I will.... I no longer apologise for being here, for not being all I could have been, as I realise the past is where it belongs, behind me and the future is waiting for what I do today.... So where's the value in regretting what I could have, should have done?.... I am where I am and I need to make the most of my experiences up to this point.... And so I do....To truly achieve a state of mind over matter I need to respect and revere matter, nature and the world around me.... It is only when I respect and serve the material world that she in turn will serve me.... 'Where the mind goes the molecule will follow' is about this most special, intmate bond.... I must respect and savour this connection in order to access the best in me, and so I do.... And as I do, all the things in my life conspire to co-operate with me.... It's such a wonderful feeling.... I will come to this place in my mind often and drink from this cup.... The cup of self-realisation....My mind is truly my best friend.... And as I now look into the mirror of my life my highest ideals are reflected back at me....


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