For someone who is really determined not to get healthy or to feel better, even real medicine will not work! Many people lie to themselves, saying that they want to get healthy, but they are actually seeking attention in the way they have ‘learned’ to get their needs met (usually in their formative years). For others they are affirming those inner beliefs about not being worthy, or good enough and so they maintain their negative self-fulfilling prophecy.  Such a state of inner psychological conflict is called ‘cognitive dissonance’, a state which denies one emotional and physical health.

Our beliefs really matter, as they impact on our brain chemistry and biology.

This film is a useful summary of old research as well as some of the newest Harvard research, showing some new dimensions of the ‘placebo effect’, where deception is not needed to bring benefits to the patient. So does the latest research surrounding placebos actually unveil the truth, that what we think is actually shaping our realities?

Positive affirmations in whatever form – feeling, thinking, talking and/or doing something – actually do work! What we consciously or unconsciously affirm, become our beliefs and then our reality. It’s time to use the power of your mind to create your ideal reality….




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