Thank you is such a simple phrase and yet its power to transform is breathtaking…. Thank you can literally turn my life around in the blink of an eye…. It has the ability to quickly change my perception…. Thank you has the power to turn misfortune into good fortune and lighten the heaviest of burdens…. Far too often I take my blessings for granted…. I don’t spend enough time really appreciating those people and things that make my life richer…. I don’t spend enough time appreciating myself either…. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life and forget the really important things, the things that matter the most…. As I turn my mind to the power of thank you I am reminded of what’s really important…. I slowly and with sincerity begin to count those people and things I most take for granted….


As I give thanks from the heart I am moved by the gentle force of appreciation…. It connects me to the best of myself and connects me to the best in others…. I realise that to take people and things for granted is such a terrible waste because it stops me from really growing and in turn I become an obstacle to others…. Thank you on the other hand, uplifts me and also enables me to be a catalyst for positive change in those around me…. The practice of thank you generates feelings of such deep appreciation and that appreciation is so moving that it heals and empowers…. From now on I make the power of thank you a permanent feature in my life and as a result I grow with humility under its influence…. Thank you!….