My mind is truly one of the wonders of the world, arguably the greatest of them all…. The many functions it performs at such breathtaking pace and with incredible precision defy logic and explanation…. The more I sit listening to the mind, the more I come to understand it….The better I understand it, the more  its wonderful secret is unveiled to me…. It’s amazing how glaringly obvious it is… And yet I overlook it again and  again…. The mind’s wonderful secret is it does everthing according to the law of patterns…. Everything the mind does follows a pattern of one kind or another…. Even the most random, illogical actions, under closer scrutiny expose an underlying pattern…. These patterns are commonly described as habits….


Good habits are known as virtues and bad habits as vices…. Essentially my good habits uplift me and my bad habits bring about my demise…. Both good and bad habits can be addictive…. Clearly being addicted to my good patterns is not a bad thing as I only end up feeling better about myself!…. It is my attachment to bad habits which leads to an addiction that can be soul destroying… These negative patterns can literally destroy everything in my life and on some occasions and in some instances they have done just that… They have made me blind…. Unable to see my contribution to the problem… My negative patterns have tied me to a game of blame, creating an attitude were I believe everyone else is at fault except me…. Such is the power of negative patterns as they often lead to terrible addictions and the relinquishment of personal responsibility…. However, it is slowly dawning on me now that life is about good and bad patterns and subject to the choices and decisions I make these patterns can be changed….


I’m not tied to a pattern…. I may come under its spell and believe there’s nothing I can do and therefore continue to do its bidding, but this is a lie!…. I can break free from the shackles of bad habits and vices…. I can choose a life more befitting of my heart’s unspoken dreams…. All I need do is to work out what those unspoken dreams are…. And to do this I need to slow down and listen to what’s going on inside of me…. My heart is speaking to me all the time…. The question is, am I listening?…. I’m learning to listen now…. As I do, my unspoken dreams slowly begin to unravel and begin to speak to me…. For the first time I hear the songs of my heart…. And I can see the beautiful vision of a life that awaits me…. I know now this is a future I can choose…. And with heartfelt desire and determined thought I choose what my heart most desires…. I choose a life beyond the pull of negativity…. I choose a life free of unwanted addiction…. I come to realise that addiction is not to be feared and needs to be understood…. And so I begin to choose positive, healthy addictions…. I choose positive patterns…. Virtues over vices…. Now I understand the mind’s secret I need never be enslaved again…. I am free… Free to be me…. And how wonderful that feels….Bliss….