As I take time out to be still, quiet and reflective I allow my mind to take me to a special place…. Every time I take this journey I can either return to the same location or I can venture to different times and places…. It’s wonderful having this facility to travel to any destination I choose…. And today I choose to go to a very special place…. A place where I feel safe and secure…. A place where I can rest and recuperate… A place that is embracing and healing…. How wonderful it is to have a sanctuary within…. The more I indulge my mind in being in and connecting with this special place, the more I can literally touch and feel what this space has to offer me…. As I look around my heart is full of appreciation…. I take in the colours, shapes and forms…. I connect with all the reasons that make this place special to me…. The more I connect, the more connected I feel within myself…. It’s as if the more grounded I become in this place, the more grounded I become in me…. The beauty and the magic of the mind is something I have not fully appreciated…. Its immense value is only just becoming apparent to me…. I now choose to really embrace this moment, this opportunity to be at peace within myself….


This inner sanctuary gives me a wonderful opportunity to leave the rat race behind…. It gives me an opportunity to discover my hidden treasures and wealth…. There’s so much about me I’m yet to discover and I now want to make those discoveries…. I promise myself to come here often, deep within me, and sit quietly and appreciatively…. I promise myself to spend more time listening and learning from the whispers of my heart and mind…. They have much to teach me but how can I learn if I’m not listening?…. As I look around, the vividness and vibrancy of my special place is etched on my mind…. I’m using my eyes as canvases to paint the beauty of all that I’m seeing, so that these images, thoughts and feelings never fade from my mind…. I enjoy just being here at one with this moment…. I can feel the relief in both my mind and body because this moment I need do nothing…. Just be…. Being is the greatest form of doing…. And so instead of chasing busyness, kudos and acceptance from others at any cost, I move towards just being…. I realise this is the ultimate prize…. I take refuge here in my special place, my inner sanctuary and enjoy just being…. No demands…. No expectations… Just joy….