I am a self-healing organism…. Within me lives the power to transform and heal…. I have a wonderful pharmacy inside of me which gives me access to everything I need to generate health and well-being…. Whatever challenge my mind or body faces, living inside me is the solution….. I am a miracle, a genuine wonder of nature…. A child of the universe…. Far too easily I take for granted the enormous resources that reside in me…. As I take those resources for granted their power and potential remain beyond my grasp and influence…. Its time to form a relationship of mutual respect between me and those countless gifts that live within me…. The more respect and appreciation I have for the wonder of my life the more I am able to become my own pharmacist, my own physician…. I truly possess the keys to unlimited power…. Power that lives in me and power that I can access from the world around me….. As these thoughts start to seep in I feel a sense of belief in my capabilities beginning to emerge…. My emerging self-belief is like a warm glow, throbbing inside of me and extending its warmth and light to every part of me….


The creative intelligence that I am knows that these seemingly unbelievable concepts about my power and capacity are indeed true…. I just need to have the courage to believe them…. I am indeed a self-healing organism with the power to transform and heal…. I do have access to the most incredible pharmacy which is able and willing to concoct what my mind – body system needs to be happy, whole and well….Whatever challenge presents itself to my mind or body I have the solution ebbing and flowing within me…. Waiting to be harnessed… All I need to do is listen to that divine and complete bit of me that can see the whole picture…. All I need to do is draw on my innate wisdom, for it knows exactly what needs to be done…. I start by trusting my inner knowing because the more I trust myself the greater my access to all that I need…. There is an intelligence in me that transcends my education, past, genetics and life experiences and it is that bit of me that I am accessing right now…. This bit of me is unlimited, fearless, intuitive, all knowing, yet humble…. As I activate this part of me with my belief in myself I’m able to become that self-healing organism and with that I am able to become wonderfully well…. And I do…. The power to heal myself lives in me…. I am my own antedote…. I am amazing and I give myself permission to be just that…. Amazing….