Anger feels like a fire consuming everything in its path…. Its force can be so destructive, generating a smog of confusion, robbing me of clarity and discrimination…. The choices and decisions I make when I’m in that place rarely lead me in the right direction…. I’m tired of losing my focus, my dignity and my way, it’s time for change and change begins with me…. I have the power within me to curb my anger, to channel it in a positive direction…. I no longer need to do its bidding, I can choose a different path…. And I do…. The fire of anger slowly begins to go out as I pour the water of cool, calm thoughts on its vigorous flames… I realise that by changing the way I think, I can change the influence anger has on me…. Just by thinking kinder, more peaceful thoughts I’m able to connect with the truth in me….


The truth is my anger is a voice inside of me that needs to be heard and when it feels no one is listening or hearing what it has to say it shouts louder in order to be noticed…. Sadly the louder it shouts the less anyone listens…. My anger needs to be first of all heard by me…. Until I start listening to myself I will continue to feel hurt by others and blame them for my misfortune, but nothing could be further from the truth…. It is I who needs to hear what’s going on inside of me, only then can the energy of anger lead to positive change…. I start really listening to what’s going on inside of me and I begin to hear the secrets of my heart and then I make the necessary changes….