Truth, kindness and benevolence…. These are my mind’s greatest allies, my very best friends…. The more time I spend in their company the more aware and better protected I am…. These three trusted friends not only protect me, but ensure that I do not cause harm to others…. Truth helps me to understand that being right is not important, it’s doing right that matters…. Living honourably…. Truth also helps me to understand that if my message is not presented in the right way then it can no longer be said that my position is truthful…. For how I deliver my message is as important as the message itself…. Kindness reminds me to treat others in the way that I wish to be treated….


To harm another is to harm myself…. Kindness enables the truth to be heard….It also soothes and heals the heart, mind and body… It’s an amazing balm…. Benevolence is the greatest act I can perform because it sees the needs of others and responds accordingly…. It’s so loyal to the highest ideals and believes in the upliftment of the human spirit…. Benevolence is the marriage between truth and kindness and it only ever acts when it can truly add value to a person or a situation…. It never takes away from me or anyone else…. The Three Gatekeepers now accompany me in all that I do…. They help me to police my thoughts and feelings…. They slow me down, ensuring I properly consider my thoughts, words and actions…. They encourage me to pause so that I respond rather than react and as a result my interactions and my deeds are more considered…. As a result, I am happier and I spread the fragrance of happiness…. I give thanks to my loyal and trusted friends: truth, kindness and benevolence….