The more I hold on to the past and those things that remain unresolved the more I live a life defined by yesterday…. There’s no chance of living in the now, embracing the infinite possibility of each moment, whilst yesterday’s script is influencing my thoughts, moods and perceptions…. I need to resolve anything that is still occupying space in my mind…. The things that haunt and possess me that I have not made peace with continue to shape the present moment…. I must face and embrace those things that I continue to deny, those things that I run away from, hoping they won’t be there tomorrow…. Unless I do this my mind will continue to be held hostage to the past…. I choose in this moment to turn and face those things I need to resolve…. I look honestly into the eyes of my issues, hurts and fears and as I do so I feel a growing sense of relief….


I realise that my biggest obstacle is not facing my issues but running away…. The more I run away the more power I give away…. When I face and embrace my unresolved ‘stuff’ the flame of courage inside me begins to flicker and I realise I have more to fear from what I’m leaving behind than from what awaits me…. The future is not my enemy, nor does it wait to greet me with hostility…. In fact it offers me the hand of friendship…. All I need do is to stretch out my hand to meet it…. And I am best able to do that by letting go of the past and resolving those things that bind me to yesterday…. It’s time to live in the now and open my arms to greet the future, my friend…. I’m no longer afraid to face what I need to…. I’m no longer afraid of today…. I’m no longer afraid of tomorrow…. I’m free to live a happy and fulfilling life…. And so I do….