Regrets are a burden best left behind…. They weigh so heavily on the heart and mind that they prevent me from moving forward… They keep me tied to the very things I’m trying to leave behind…. My regrets deceive me into believing that my guilt and shame are the fruits that I deserve, given the decisions and choices I’ve made…. There is no doubt that regrets have a place within the human experience, as they remind me of the things I need to learn and possibly avoid in the future…. However, when my regrets consume me and deny me access to the best parts of me, at this point they are no longer beneficial…. Any insights on offer have long gone, overshadowed by my repeated condemnation of me….


My mistakes are often my best tutors so rather than remaining trapped in condemning myself, I choose to accept that mistakes only become truly negative when I ignore or avoid their messages…. I will no longer avoid or deny my mistakes…. I will look into the face of my actions and embrace the lessons and insights on offer…. Let me look at my regrets and see them as the friends that they are…. I cannot change the past, but I can change the way the past affects me…. I can either be a slave to my regrets, perpetually acting under their limitations, or I can choose to transcend the guilt and shame holding me hostage…. I choose to transcend the guilt and shame…. I’m no longer going to remain negatively attached to those things I cannot change…. Instead I will spend my time resolving my issues, learning from them and improving myself…. My regrets have now become my propellers for positive change and self-transformation…. I move forward in hope….