The more I complain the more I will have to complain about…. The more I give thanks the more I will have to be grateful for…. I have come to realise that so much that is wrong in my life is down to the way that I think…. When I think negatively, negative things are more likely to happen and when I think positively then positive things begin to emerge in my life…. So there is little value, if I want to be happy and fulfilled, in thinking negatively….It simply doesn’t help…. And so I choose to give thanks for my life and those things that I repeatedly take for granted, great and small…. Saying thank you is such an easy and simple thing to do and yet its ability to transform how I feel inside is quite literally miraculous…. It’s the antidote for so much of what’s wrong in my life….


Counting my blessings is one of the quickest ways to transform my mood and enhance my perception…. It really does bring joy to my heart…. I must do this as often as I remember because the more I remember to do this the more satisfied and fulfilled I will be…. An attitude of gratitude not only enhances the mind, it feeds the body with the loving, healing hormones, which in turn bring the body into balance and harmony…. Furthermore, an attitude of gratitude enhances my relationships, expands my opportunities, and enriches my consciousness, enabling me to become all I am capable of being…. My mission in life is to complain less and give thanks more because the more I give thanks the more I will have to be grateful for…. This is such a beautiful place to live and I choose to live here in this frame of mind…. more and more each day….