The scripts that have been put together in this section (Changing The Way You Think – see sidebar for options) have been formulated in response to those asking for a ‘how to do’ map. We have deliberately punctuated the statements within each script with dots to encourage you to pause and reflect on what’s been said before you move on.


There are many who have said that they like our work but have asked for more help with the implementation of  some of our concepts. This is our attempt to show how you can change your thought patterns and ease your way into the various aspects of our model. We’re sure you’ll find them useful if you’re looking to change the way you think….Please don’t try to implement all the scripts simultaneously, the best results will be achieved by focusing on them one at a time or using a few that overlap and therefore support you in your challenge.


Good mental health is determined by the voice within… the inner narrator.  S/he reads faithfully from the script that has been written over the course of your life.  If that script is positive, inspiring and uplifting, then what a gift!  Sadly, this is rarely the case.  Most of us have a script that is mixed – more often confusing, condemning and disabling.  If our script is never challenged or questioned we become attached to the notion that that voice represents our point of view.  Even worse than that we passionately defend its opinions, ideology and beliefs because we now believe they are our own!  And yet so much of what we carry around with us as our opinions and beliefs are merely ideas and concepts we’ve inherited that don’t necessarily reflect our truth because in most cases we don’t know what our truth is.


The average person is said to have 60,000 thoughts a day and around 95% of those thoughts s/he thought yesterday, a year ago, ten years ago.  There is at best 5% of new thoughts that are being generated in the present moment.  The rest, competing for our attention, are actually those thoughts we’ve inherited and have over time defined ourselves by….  but how many of those thoughts have you actually audited?  How many of them, if you were born today, would you actually hold onto as your own?  It’s time to check if your inner narrator is reading a script that truly reflects your views and values, or is that voice within seducing you with its outdated myths and hypnotic appeal?


In this section, there are a number of short scripts that offer you a template, a way of thinking, that can lead your mind down a different path.  Each script encourages you to write a new play in which you become the central character, someone you can be proud of, someone who lives up to their potential and discards the negative monologue.  These are not definitive scripts; they offer you an introduction to the concept of changing your self-talk.  We hope as a result you will write your own scripts and your inner voice will inspire you with its sweet utterings.  Experiment with the scripts in this section regularly and we are sure you will find them beneficial….



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