Our audiovisual library is substantial.  If you look on our YouTube channel, iTunes, Spotify, Vimeo and in our gift shop you will get some sense of the breadth and depth of our work.

Our meditations cover the usual themes such as: anxiety, anger and building self-esteem, but we also cover the unusual such as: The Three Gatekeepers, Order Creates Peace, how to create a ‘virtuous cycle’ and our relationship with time and space.

It’s our ability to create meditations that encompass the whole of the human condition that makes us stand out.

Below are three of our most recent offerings, each one taking on a pivotal issue, relating to the topic of positive change.  We believe these are unique, both in content and composition.  Judge for yourself.  If you like them, please share with your family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you…


Positive change will not be hurried.  The more we work with the natural order, the more the natural order helps us to fulfil our reason for being here.




Arguably the most important question of all is who am I?  This meditation invites you to ask the question ‘who are you really?’



Knowledge takes you to the door of understanding, but it’s courage and application that take you through that door.  Let this meditation help you find your courage.


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